Advanced Materials & Design

Advanced Materials & Design (AM&D) is a Southern California-based consultancy business that services business to business in composites, metal bonding, and general manufacturing. We specialize in materials technology, process development, project management, technical and sales support as well as sales management and distribution/channel management. We have 30 plus years servicing the aerospace, space, defense, UAV, EVTOL, commercial aircraft, and general industries markets.


At Advanced Materials and Design, we provide engineered solutions and management leadership with a focus on products, sales leadership, and manufacturing. Whether it’s consulting on a manufacturing job, material & processes engineering, product sales, or manufacturer’s representation, our team of partners has the background to support your needs. AM&D believes in the basic premise of doing it right the first time and repeating that to which it applies through the duration. Undersell, overdeliver. Sustainability, focus, and acute attention to detail. The entire customer experience. Please give us a call to discuss your opportunity.

Materials Technology

AM&D has decades of experience in Aerospace Composites and Industrial product development, material qualifications, materials, and process (M&P) engineering, test and evaluation, liaison engineering. We work with several different manufacturing companies that can formulate, kit, manufacture, specialty package, and deliver multi-use, private label products with base material chemistries including:

  • Epoxy systems
  • Silicone systems
  • Urethane systems
  • Custom formulations
  • Vacuumbagging and processing materials
  • Metal preparation and surface treatment systems

Process Development

Using our background in materials and processes as well as manufacturing engineering, we specialize in process development, product configuration, and automated delivery systems.

  • Process development
  • Product use and configuration optimization
  • Automated dispensing machines
  • Product application and shop floor training

Project Management

We take your project from the drawing board or material specification to the shipping department. From concept to final approval, we can lead many different aspects of your project:

  • Process development
  • Concept
  • Project planning and management (budget & schedule)
  • Manufacturing and formulation
  • Technical service and follow up support

Technical Support

After the sale support is time-consuming and requires specialization. We can support many different aspects of technical support both pre and post-sales transactions:

  • Laboratory
  • Analysis
  • Process optimization
  • Trouble shooting
  • Liaison between you, your customers and manufacturers

Distribution and Channel Management

Having all the right products and sources is just the beginning. We have extensive experience in:

  • Connecting products, services and technologies with customers and logistics
  • Facility, machine processes, value added processes 
  • Customer experience management
  • Supplier onboarding and performance maintenance programs
  • Method improvements / cost reduction
  • Inventory management
  • Performance and core competence evaluation
  • Liaison to suppliers and supplier relations
  • Profitability / pricing / sustainability studies
  • Quarterly and annual business reviews
  • Distribution agreement and contract review / legal liaison

Sales Support

With 25 plus years in sales and sales management both direct B2B and through distribution channels, we can lead your sales team to close new business and opportunities! Focus includes:

  • Sales, product training and mentoring
  • Product sales and customer engagement strategy development
  • Sales lead validation
  • Project management and use of CRM for success
  • New product introductions (NPI)
  • Customer facing strategy and leadership

Sales Management

An increase in sales efficiency leads directly to higher profits! Harnessing your professional staff to great products, services, and technologies and representing that to your customer base is the goal. We specialize in:

  • Staff selection (interviewing, onboarding, metrics development and mentorship)
  • Performance assessment and review
  • CRM support and management
  • Quarterly and annual business reviews
  • Goal setting and metrics evaluation
  • Incentive and reward programs
  • Market competitive analysis and competitive threat analysis
  • On-site training and sales leadership
  • Key account management (KAM) strategies
  • DiSC analysis utilization

Industries and Technologies

Having all the right products and sources is just the beginning. Our primary focus includes the following industries and technologies:

  • Aerospace, military, UAV, EVTOL, sporting goods, general industry, electronics
  • Composites structures
  • Metal surface treatment and chemical processing
  • Surface preparation
  • Adhesives and bonding
  • Metal bonding
  • Quality assurance and troubleshooting
  • Dispensing systems

Developed Relationships

General Atomics





Northrop Grumman





Joby Aviation




…. Just to name a few


Chemical Process Tanks and Support Equipment

Automated Dispensing Systems

We have a background in expert witness consultation and have worked on some very relevant legal matters. Our specialties include:

  • Patent
  • Design flaws and product failures
  • Manufacturing engineering and quality defects
  • Accident and liability
  • Contracts


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